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GUNDICT is a joint educational non-profit project to create multilingual firearms dictionary. It aims to incorporate terms linked to civilian firearms (for hunting, sport and defence), ammunition and other fields of expertise such as ballistics for example.

Its main task is to collect, develop and disseminate specialized terminology of this specific field, that is otherwise hard to find in common or technical dictionaries. GUNDICT not only features multilingual dictionary, but also explains the technical terms to any interested party, may it be journalists or the general public.

English language serves as the source language, all the other languages are regarded as target languages for the purpose of this dictionary. Individual language administrators are responsible for correct translations to their particular target language and also for keeping the terminology database up to date. LEX o.s. acts as the main coordinator here.

This project is the result of collaborative efforts of various non-profit organizations that defend the interests of legal gun owners of all categories, whether they own guns for self-defence, sport or hunting, for their profession or occupation of for collection purposes. At the same time it also seeks to further enhance the interest in shooting activities, mutual understanding between people sharing the same interests and in this way somewhat contribute to greater trust between the nations as well.